Grafton Academy Celebrates 80 Years with Nationwide

The Grafton Academy is approaching its eightieth year in 2019 and we’re planning on making a big splash!

RTE’s Nationwide popped in for a look and met with examiner Ib Jorgensen to talk about the importance of maintaining our high standards. Danish born Ib Jorgensen was one of Ireland’s leading fashion designers, attracting a clientele from amongst the wealthiest and stylish women in the country. A graduate of Grafton Academy, Ib was only twenty two years old when he set up his own salon and his name was to become synonymous with elegant, glamorous clothing. He displayed a relentless attention to detail in his work, and the hallmarks of his classic clothing were fine tailoring and perfect finishing.


This year also sees Grafton Academy principal Suzanne Marr make the decision to retire. Suzie’s mother Pauline Clotworthy set the college up 80 years ago and Suzie has seen the college move from where it started on the top of Grafton Street (now Topshop), to Dawson Street and finally to 6 Herbert Place where we currently reside.

We are very pleased to announce that Colin Atkinson will succeed Suzie as principal and Evelyn Rouiller is to take on the roll of Managing Director. The Grafton Academy is recognised as an important educational and development facility for the Irish fashion industry and whilst Colin and Evelyn will continue to develop the college’s ethos they want to ensure that the Grafton Academy endures long into the future.


We’ll be doing lots of exciting things this year and as always we’ll be promoting our new and recent graduates so stay posted! Check out our courses there’s something for everyone. We also do gift vouchers, you know, for the person in your life that has EVERYTHING.


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