The Dressmaking course caters for those who wish to learn how to use a commercial pattern with a fabric of their choice. Students are shown how to prepare the pattern pieces, lay and cut out the fabric, tailor tack, sew, fit and finish.

Beginners are advised to choose a simple pattern of a skirt, trousers or dress to enable them to learn basic sewing techniques, while students at a more advanced level may choose a more complicated pattern eg: suit or coat.

Teaching is by individual attention to meet different levels from beginners to advanced. All ages are welcome, from young to mature. No previous experience is required. Students may join at any time throughout the year depending on availability. Please contact our staff for more information about specific dates, booking and requirements. Please note that some courses require specific materials and it is expected that the student provides these.

You will learn how to
Prepare the pattern pieces

  • Layout the fabric
  • Place the pattern pieces on fabric
  • Cut out
  • Tailor tacking for easy assembly
  • Fitting and altering pieces
  • Sewing up and construction of garments
  • Final fit and finish
Course Times

  • Tues - 10 classes
  • Time: 7pm to 9pm
  • Cost: €345