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Terms and Conditions

1. Application can be made at any time.

2. Students, once accepted, may start at any time of year in accordance with course availability. The 10-month academic year then begins from the date of commencement.

3. Students are not required to attend during the summer holiday months – approximately mid-June to 2nd week of September. If full or part-time students wish to continue studying during the summer holiday months, they may do so by application – in which case their annual or monthly fee will be due earlier than scheduled.

4. Please note that the EU fee can either be paid in full in advance or by deposit and monthly instalments. All fees are exempt from VAT.

5. There is a late payment charge of €15 for each month fees in arrears.

6. If the fee is paid by deposit and instalments by arrangement, a full term’s notice in writing must be given of intention to leave or to change from full to part time – or payment of balance of fees made in lieu of such notice.

7. If a student is under 21 and an instalment facility is the method of payment, the fee must be guaranteed by a parent or guardian.

8. Non-completion of course does not waive fee obligations.

9. No deposits are refundable or transferable and missed classes cannot be made up.

10. Fees are non-refundable except in the case of visa refusal. For Non-EU International Students who are resident overseas, in the case of a visa refusal, fees will be refunded less an administration fee of €150.00.  A copy of the visa refusal letter from the Irish Department of Justice must be forwarded to Grafton Academy when requesting a refund. For Non-EU International Students already resident in Ireland, fees will not be refunded under any circumstances after commencement of the programme/course.  Where a visa is required to be renewed during the programme of study at the Grafton Academy, it is the responsibility of the student to check with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.

11. An overseas student who is offered a place is required to confirm acceptance by paying the full overseas academic annual fee in full, after which a letter for visa immigration purposes may be written.

12. Portfolios will not be considered unless prospective students have already submitted their application form accompanied by administration fee of €60. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or Visa card.

13. Overseas students may submit a portfolio by email with scanned images, drawings or photographs. Applicants should include a passport-style photograph and a short written piece stating their reasons for applying, suitability for the course, etc.

14. The Grafton Academy reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any classes and replace tutors without prior notice.

15. The Grafton Academy reserves the right to increase fees from time to time, not including those fees that have already been paid or agreed.

16. Course content may be subject to change.

17. Before being allowed to sit the four sectional Diploma examinations in both garment construction and pattern drafting, students must achieve regular & punctual attendance with all curriculum work and projects completed satisfactorily.

18. If students are absent due to sickness or for any other reason, they must inform the office or teacher, classes cannot be made up.

19. For all courses, please check availability of dates by email or by telephoning our offices before returning forms or making payments.

20. To confirm reservations, payments can be made by cash, cheque, card or bank transfer.

21. All payments must be completed prior to examinations.

22. Please note that materials and fabrics are required for the course and it is expected that the student provide these.

23. Due to the possibility of copyright infringement, the use of video camera and audio recording equipment is not permitted without prior written permission of the Principal, Suzanne Marr.

24. Please note that the Grafton Academy reserves the right to decline any application.

25. Students must observe all the Grafton Academy rules applicable to the course directive and examinations.

26. Students should be aware that the fitting of garments is an integral part of all courses at the college.

27. Gift vouchers expire one year from date of purchase.

28. Any complaints during the course should be made in writing and delivered to the Principal, Colin Atkinson. Appointments may be made with him to discuss the concern.

29. Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to students’ property.

30. Short Course Students please note: Once a student begins their block of classes they must be taken in succession. Regrettably, missed classes cannot be made up for any reason In certain circumstances the office may allow for absence if agreed at the time of booking, thereafter we ask that students do not request to carry forward classes as this may cause embarrassment.  

Absence from classes will result in the total loss of that class. Please note that no fees are refundable or transferable and missed classes cannot be made up.

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